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Process Audits show how to extend roller life, lower roller cost, and improve product quality

Customers often ask how we can help reduce their costs; here's something else we can do for you.

We often get calls from customers asking us to perform an audit of their production lines.

These calls are usually in response to complaints about each operator seeming to have a different level of experience and knowledge, and their own way of setting the machines.

This results in inconsistent quality, scrap and customer returns. In a business as competitive as yours, in an economy like this, you can’t afford to lose profit on your production processes. So Imperial offers PROCESS AUDITS to our customers as a value added service at no extra charge.

While you might wonder what a supplier like us can tell you about your process... consider that we audit many production facilities across a wide range of industries and geographies. So we can:

  • Give our customers an outside set of eyes on their process
  • Spot issues that go unnoticed by people who are working at the facility every day
  • Recommend improvements that can be made right away

These audits are performed by members of our senior management team -- the most experienced technical & operations people we have.

The end result is that we typically help our customers improve efficiency, reduce scrap, and lower costs.

Click this link for a PDF of a sample Process Audit .

For further information, to schedule an audit of your facility, or any questions about rollers, please contact us at .

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