Roller Manufacture and Repair, focused on select applications for Industrial Rollers and Graphic Arts Rollers

Rolls up to 300" long, 60" OD. Hi-pressure Autoclave (6'x 32' in length). Extruding.

We focus on select "Industrial" markets, primarily the production and conversion of steel, aluminum, plastics and coatings. The select "Graphic Arts" applications we emphasize include Offset Web (heat-set, open web, newspaper), Flexography and Rotogravure.

Lean Manufacturing

We enthusiastically embrace Lean Manufacturing principles throughout our company, in order to deliver superior quality, lead-time and pricing to our customers. The following links provide updates on our progress:

Standard Production Capabilities

Our factory handles:

  • Lengths up to 300 inches
  • OD (Outside Diameter) up to 60 inches

We offer:

  • New roll manufacturing
  • Roller reconditioning (repair) and covering
  • Emergency services for customers with urgent needs
  • Dynamic balancing to ISO-1940, ANSI and MIL-SPEC standards

Our facility includes:

  • A complete machine shop
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) crowning (parabolic, cosine, barrel, tapered) and grinding
  • CNC grooving with exceptional precision
  • Hi-Pressure autoclave technology (6' x 32' in length)
  • Live steam autoclave (4' x 16' in length)
  • Automated extrusion roll builders
  • Vacuum static polyurethane system

We deliver:

  • Standard rollers(in a wide array of materials including rubber, polyurethane, silicone, nylon, Teflon™, Rilsan™, chrome, and copper)
  • Extruded roll covers with no seams, using virtually the entire range of synthetic elastomers
  • Chrome plated rolls with finishes to 1µ inch Ra
  • Composite (graphite) rollers
  • Cast and extruded polyurethane
  • FKM nonwoven mill rolls
  • One way press rolls (contact us for more information)
  • Rexnord Link-Belt ® bearings we are an authorized OEM source)
  • Large inventory of various other bearings

Production Processes

Our experienced staff is trained to implement Lean Manufacturing in all of our manufacturing processes, which include:

  • Precision grinding
  • Reconditioning, recovering
  • Extruding
  • Vulcanizing/Curing
  • Journal, Shaft and I.D. Bore (Socket) repairs and replacement
  • Polishing

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