News - TruShape2 Roll Analyzer Determines Rollers' True Shape

Improved Measuring Device Helps Customers Get Even Higher Precision Rollers

CHINO, California – (June 29, 2010) –Imperial Rubber Products, which manufactures and reconditions rollers for industrial converters, manufacturers and commercial printers, today announced that they have developed and begun using the TruShape2™ measuring device. The company uses this new tool to provide even greater in-process measurement capabilities to help deliver rollers with superior precision to customers.

This increased measurement capability is important because roller geometry directly affects the way a web is processed through a machine. Therefore it is critical that roller manufacturers and end users know the true shape of their rollers.

Ordinary roller manufacturers use conventional measuring devices such as dial indicators, Pi Tapes, and micrometers. However these devices do not have the ability to properly measure a roller’s shape to the level needed for many demanding applications.

In these applications, roller geometry variation must be tightly controlled to produce the most robust process possible in the customer’s machine. The only way to know a roller’s true geometric variation is to measure for factors including concentricity and cylindricity at a very high level of resolution.

This advanced electronic measuring system produces accurate pictures of the exact geometric shape of a roller. These pictures can help diagnose roller problems and help to ensure that new rollers will be successful in customers’ equipment.

This means that converters and manufacturers can use the resulting higher precision rolls to gain increased control of their production processes.

Mr. Stephen Huff, Vice President of Engineering at Imperial Rubber Products, explained that “the TruShape2 is a next generation metrology device built using technology with higher repeatability than even laser-based systems. Our new device delivers repeatability of +/- 0.2 microns (7.9 × 10-6 inches) compared with ordinary laser micrometer systems having repeatability of about 13 microns (about 5 ten-thousandths of an inch).”

With such a large number of data points gathered by the new measuring device, the company can produce and deliver to customers highly detailed graphic illustrations that allow the roller owner to clearly see, for example, how cylindrical their roller truly is, as shown in the following example:

Example of a Cross-Roll Profile Performed by the TruShape2

TruShape2 Report, Precision Rollers

Mr. Huff added, “This is another step in the process of continuous improvement at Imperial. For several years we have been expanding and upgrading our capabilities to better serve our customers. And while we are very pleased to announce the capabilities of this new device, and that we are using it to benefit our customers, we will continue striving to improve even further going forward.”

Mr. Huff further explained that the company focuses on serving customers with demanding applications, noting that the company is a member and supporter of AIMCAL (the international Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators).

About Imperial Rubber Products, Inc.

Based in Chino, California, Imperial Rubber focuses on manufacturing and reconditioning rollers for demanding applications. These precision products are used by printers, converters and manufacturers to convert, coat, paint, emboss, laminate, and squeegee. These companies typically work with primary materials such as paper, plastic, steel, aluminum, wood, glass, non-wovens, and textiles.

The company offers considerable product development and custom capabilities, fashioning rollers in a wide array of materials including rubber, polyurethane, silicone, nylon, Teflon™, Rilsan™, chrome, and copper. The company’s facilities include its headquarters and main manufacturing facility in Chino, California; a depot with local support in Sacramento, California; and a fleet of local and long-haul trucks. Imperial Rubber was founded in 1989. It is privately held and owned by operating management. Additional information is available at


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