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About Roll Sciences

We created a separate division of our company to help customers who know that a precisely manufactured roll is critical to the quality of their increasingly demanding manufacturing processes.

Roll Sciences focuses on tighter tolerance rolls for more demanding applications, for customers with specifications beyond the capabilities of most roller companies. These rolls go into applications such as vacuum coating, high-precision laminating, and solar (photovoltaic cell) products manufacturing.

These rolls are produce on dedicated machinery by highly trained operators who are expert not only in their craft, but also in meeting the more demanding specifications of more discerning customers.

These customers bring us advanced requirements for roll geometry, dimensional accuracy, dimensional stability, and surface finish.

To meet these requirements we use novel and proprietary tools such as our Tru-Shape2™ non-contact measuring system, unique material formulations, and specialized roll building technologies.

The Tru-Shape2™ system provides customers with a picture of the current condition of their roller with an accuracy of 0.00005."

Our Lean Manufacturing processes are critical to the quality of what we produce, because Lean drives us to develop repeatable processes and continually improve them.

We also leverage our decades of experience in precision roll manufacturing to understand our customers' process requirements and issues. This experience is critical because understanding advanced applications requires what we call "subtle sophistication" ... a combination of extensive process knowledge and manufacturing expertise.

Roll Sciences is an active supporter of AIMCAL, evidenced by the papers and presentations we share with the industry to communicate our learning and help establish best practices.

If you need rolls that deliver better performance than you’re getting now, please contact us to discuss your process and your requirements.

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