Graphic Arts Rolls

Graphic Arts Rolls, One Way Press Rolls

Press-Ready Rollers, No Return Core Required

  • Hi-Graphics Rubber Cover
  • Uniform Ink and Water Delivery
  • Ball Bearings with Dual Metal Shields
  • No return core required
  • Designed for popular presses (see list below)

Imperial offers One Way Press Rolls that include core, cover and bearings – with no return core required.

Fabricated to meet precise press application requirements, these rollers will deliver a precise film of ink to the plate and not a drop more – whether it’s your Ink Form, Ductor or Water Roller.

Precise Tolerances

Each roll is press-ready with a rubber roll cover meticulously designed and tested to deliver a precise ink film at high speeds, resist shrinkage, maintain hardness stability, and be compatible with virtually all current commercial offset and newspaper printing inks.

With Imperial Rubber Products One-Way Press Ready Rolls you get the most advanced Hi-Graphics rubber available on a new core with new bearings – ready to install. A program designed so you can set it and forget it! Run them hard. They were designed to take it!

In Stock, Ready to Ship

Imperial has press-ready rollers in stock and ready to ship for each of the following presses:

  • Goss Community
  • Goss Suburban
  • Goss Urbanite
  • Harris M90
  • Harris M110 & M110B
  • Harris V15, V25, V30
  • Harris NC400/450

Details, Orders

To receive a detailed list of the positions available and pricing, to place an order, to discuss your specific technical requirements, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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