E-Tech Offset Printing Rollers

Ink and Water Rollers for Dedicated UV and Back & Forth UV Offset Printing

E-Tech™ Series of Roller Compounds

  • Excellent surface strength to handle multiple nip points
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • No durometer drift
  • Dynamic efficiency for more stable ink transfer


Low Heat Buildup
(Dynamic Roll Test @ 3500 fpm)

The graph above shows the low heat buildup at high press speeds, for rollers made with E-Tech material, compared to ordinary materials.

Low Diameter Change over Time
(Nip Width Test over 12 months)

The graph above shows the superior stability of stripe width over time of rollers made with E-Tech material, compared to 5 ordinary materials.

The E-Tech Series of rubber compounds is a European solution to the evolution of new ink technologies for lithographic printing.

As the printing industry has changed to higher speeds, wider formats, multiple nip points, and shorter runs, ink technology has had to evolve to accommodate these new requirements.

Rubber compounds in North America have lagged in development to meet these new technologies causing increased plasticizer extraction & swelling, both of which result in less stability, constant roller resetting, & more maintenance.

The E-Tech Series is designed to provide exceptional dimensional and hardness stability that also provides further dynamic efficiency. This combination allows printers to reduce roller maintenance and maintain consistent color control from a more stable ink transfer.

Four innovative materials

  1. E-Speed for conventional inks
  2. EVR for UV only printing
  3. E-Mix for mixed UV-Conventional printing
  4. ESQ for Dampening Distribution

1. E-Speed (for conventional inks)

With the advent of higher printing speeds and the resultant increase in roller RPM, coupled with more nip points & more difficult ink & cleaning chemistries, this compound was designed to withstand increased rotational forces on deflecting soft durometer rollers. The result is an exceptionally stable roller that will provide more stability of the inking process.

2. EVR (UV only printing)

This EPDM based material is impervious to more challenging chemical environments, yet adds dimensional stability and surface strength as its physical characteristics. This combination allows for its stability at high speed making it a good selection for newer high speed sheet-fed presses, as well as UV towers for high speed newspaper printing

3. E-Mix (mixed UV-Conventional printing)

The alternating use of conventional & UV printing inks requires the application of roller covering that tolerate opposing ink compositions equally well. The dynamic forces & higher frictional heat environment in which these rollers are exposed require a compound that can maintain stability in an ever changing environment. Stabilizers are added to the polymeric plasticizers & carbon black is blended to create a strong carbon bond with the elastomeric chain. Together they add chemical stability and strength to the compound.

4. ESQ (for Dampening Distribution)

With the elimination of alcohol in dampening solutions, rollers are required to play an increased role to compensate for the decrease in water transport qualities & the optimization of conductivity of the dampening solution. This compound helps to evenly distribute the fountain solution at an optimal level over the entire surface of the roller, & has ink-repelling properties that help retard the problem of ink cording & backtracking to the Pan or Metering rollers.

E-Tech™ is a registered trademark of Graphic Printing Roller Ltd., a strategic alliance partner of Imperial Rubber Products.

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