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Rubber Roller Expertise - Personnel Profile

Bill Westfall, Imperial Northern Logistics Manager

Bill Westfall

  • Northern Logistics Manager


  • Sacramento, California


  • Manage the northern California depot
  • Provide in-person customer support
  • Be at customers’ sites whenever needed
  • Pick up and deliver at customers’ locations
  • Drive long-haul truck (including to northern California,Oregon and Washington)
  • Assist in managing and evaluating inventory at customer locations
  • Communicate updates to sales and office team

Key Qualifications:

  • 20+ years experience in manufacturing and operations
  • 5 years operating printing presses
  • 2 years supporting customers at Imperial Rubber Products
  • Class A License


  • Flexo Press Operator - Container Corporation of America (box plant)
  • Manufacturing - Rexart/Durex (press rollers & printing inks manufacturer)
  • Production Manager - George Rice and Sons (specialty inks)

Contact Info:

  • Mobile: (530) 903-6966
  • PDF: "Who to Call for What"

What I Like to Do:

  • “Anything that helps Imperial grow”

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