Northwest Roller Manufacturing and Support Team

Manufacturing and Support Team

Here are the key members of the Imperial Rubber Northwest team focused on meeting your needs:

Steve Huff

Steve Huff

Technical Director

Steve is a leading technical authority in the roller industry, with extensive experience in coating and process development. He holds a BA in Engineering Physics from Westmont College in Santa Barbara and a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Steve holds domestic and international patents in his field. He is the technical voice of Imperial and ensures that we have a thorough understanding of customer applications and technical requirements reflected in all our processes.

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Bill Westfall Bill Westfall

Northern Logistics Manager

Bill handles pick ups and deliveries at customers’ locations and assists in managing and evaluating their inventory. He also drives our long-haul truck between the northwest and the northern California depot in Sacramento. He is a resource to customers, available to be on-site whenever needed for special projects. He also supports our internal team, leveraging his experience in manufacturing and operations. This includes manufacturing press rollers, operating a flexo printing press, and managing production of specialty inks.

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